The Buganda Kingdom's Royal Mile is a historic street filled with cultural heritage and significance, this holds the promise of transforming into a spectacular annual carnival. This ambitious venture aims to cheer the spirit of Buganda's traditions, foster companionship among its people, and entice visitors to participate in a cultural extravaganza.

Event Overview:

The Royal Mile Annual Carnival serves as a dynamic platform for showcasing Buganda's cultural richness, set against the historically significant backdrop of the Royal Mile, this event brings together a diverse array of performances; including music, dance, fashion, art exhibitions and stands as a testament to our shared heritage and pride.

Like a slumbering treasure waiting to be unveiled, the Royal Mile's potential as an annual carnival bursts forth with promise. This ambitious vision envisions the Royal Mile not just as a corridor of stone, but as a vibrant tapestry of celebrations, a testament to Buganda's enduring spirit. The concept we present dares to weave together the threads of tradition, friendship, and cultural vibrancy into an immersive experience—the Buganda Kingdom's Royal Mile Annual Carnival.


  1. National Heritage and Cultural preservation
  2. Community Bonding
  3. Tourism Pull / Promotion
  4. Entrepreneurial Empowerment
  5. Economic Elevation
  6. Diverse Cultural Celebrations