Beauty is commonly understood to be a Hub of Attraction from a human perspective, yet the world is surrounded by a lot of beautiful things like heritage, culture, environment the list goes on, that is the intent of Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board to search for beautiful ladies to become tourism and culture ambassadors in Buganda kingdom, Uganda and the world at large, and also work with them to promote the preservation, conservation and enhancement of all the beauty that surrounds Buganda from our heritage and people to nature in order to make the kingdom a better and beautiful place.

Miss Tourism Buganda is an annual planned pageant that started in the year 2014 organized by Buganda Kingdom, under Buganda Heritage & Tourism Board, aiming at promoting our Culture, Heritage and Tourism. And plays host 54 beauty queens from around the 18 counties in Buganda. There by three participants are selected at each Ssaza competitions to compete for Miss Buganda Kingdom finals. This arrangement is based on the theme, “Tourism and peace”.

The Purpose
Miss Buganda is to create a platform for young women from the age of 18 to 25 years to indicate their efforts towards sustainable development, peace advocacy, environmental protection, tourism and cultural heritage awareness and promotion. Thereby these competitions are intended to present an exceptional podium for every county to present itself, its people, its Culture, Environment, Heritage, Tourism, peculiarity and prospects for humanitarian initiative enterprises through a regional class beauty pageant not forgetting the Baganda in the Diaspora.

Miss Tourism Buganda Kingdom Pageant will also present an opportunity to groom tourism ambassadors who can influence the youth as a target market and other investment and revenue generation opportunities in the tourism sector of Buganda Kingdom.


  • To showcase the uniqueness of Buganda in Culture and Heritage.
  • To build a sustainable Tourism sector through encouraging the young generation to love and appreciate what Buganda is endowed with.
  • To build self-esteem in the girl child.
  • Strengthening knowledge of culture within the young generation.
  • To build capacity in the young generation to become the future tourism ambassadors of Buganda to Uganda and the rest of the world.
  • To promote both intangible and tangible heritage locally and internationally as a tool for development. 
  • To appreciate the beauty and hospitable aspect of the young generation in Buganda.
  • To encourage all tourism stakeholders to design products, environment’s program and services to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or difficult.

Target Market

This event is targeting the corporate partners of the Kingdom and the youth.