Miss Tourism Buganda is an annual planned pageant that started in the year 2014 organized by Buganda Kingdom, under Buganda Heritage & Tourism Board, aiming at promoting our Culture, Heritage and Tourism.

But in the year 2017, it has been changed to Miss Buganda for better branding and purposes of full participation by all the 18 counties. And plays host 54 beauty queens from around the 18 counties in Buganda that is Ssingo, Bulemeezi, Buluuli, Bugerere, Kyaddondo, Kyaggwe, Busiro, Buwekula, Busujju, Butambala, Gomba, Mawogola, Mawokota, Kabula, Kkooki, Buddu, Buvuma and Ssese

There by three participants are selected at each Ssaza competitions to compete for Miss Buganda.


Miss Buganda is to create a platform for young women from the age of 18 to 25 years to indicate their efforts towards sustainable development, peace advocacy, environmental protection, tourism and cultural heritage awareness and promotion.

Thereby these competitions are intended to present an exceptional podium for every county to present itself, its people, its Culture, Environment, Heritage, Tourism, peculiarity and prospects for humanitarian initiative enterprises through a regional class beauty pageant not forgetting the Baganda in the Diaspora.

Stages and Activities

1 Advertising and promotion Adverts will start running on Radio, TV, papers, twitter, Instagram, you tube, Facebook etc
-Miss Buganda TV and Radio Interviews about the Auditions and Contest.
Registration and Pre-selection at Masaza level.
Contestants will pick an Application form from the Tourism offices at Bulange and Masaza Tourism offices only.
-Pre-selection of the candidates to attend the castings will be based on the Information provided on the Application forms.
-Auditions will be done in the different Counties (Masaza) grounds the day before the Masaza Contests and fifteen candidates will be selected to compete in the Miss Masaza Contest
Selected candidates from auditions compete at Masaza level
The selected fifteen candidates from auditions in the different Masaza will compete for Miss Masaza Contest and three contestants will be selected from each competition to compete in the Miss Buganda Contest.
Training and Preparations
The fifty four successful candidates from the Masaza will enter a Boot camp.
They will receive training in cat walking, personal grooming, fitness, public speaking, Baganda’s cultures and norms, tourism in Buganda and Uganda etc
5 PAGEANT UNVEILING The fifty four candidates from the 1st Boot Camp will be unveiled to the public at Club Ambiance, activities will include introductions and cat walking, and fifteen candidates out by the panel of judges.
Thirty nine finalists will participate in the second boot camp.
Regional Filming and Photography Tour
The pageants in the Boot Camp will go on a filming tour of key touristic sites / participate in cultural activities by the kingdom, to promote Tourism.
7 2nd BOOT CAMP The thirty nine participants from the unveiling will participate in the second boot camp in preparations for the mini competition.
8 MINI COMPETITION The thirty nine candidates from the boot camp will participate in the semi/mini finals which will take place in the Mengo palace (Lubiri) where eighteen participants will be selected to compete at the Grand Finale.
9 Miss Buganda Grand Finale and cultural dinner at Bulange Mengo. The Miss Buganda Finals will be a gala to select a winner from the eight candidates.
- Different Visitors from the Kingdom, central government and tourism fraternity will witness and grace the night.