The county borders Buwekula, Gomba, Busujju, Kyaddondo and Bulemeezi Counties. It is the largest county within Buganda and is an agricultural county. Historically the county headquarters had a tree that led to present-day Mityana, where traders from Bunyoro upon coming to the hill would claim to hear sounds from the trees, thus saying ‘emiti eyana’ hence they called the village of the trees Mityana. The county headquarters serve as the house of the current chief, called the “Matutuma”, the Lukiiko hall and the district offices. The chief’s title “Mukwenda” is derived from the Bunyoro word referring to a messenger. The county serves as headquarters to the Mbogo (Buffalo) clan.

In Buganda a buffalo represents strength. The Buffalo clan is believed to have originated from Bunyoro in a place called Mugulu. It is said that the first head of this clan was called Kayiira Nannambula ,who brought Prince Kimera to rule Buganda after the disappearance of his grandfather, Ccwa Nabbaka. He carried Prince Kimera on his shoulders on his way to ascend the throne and since then, the duty of the buffalo clan is to tan the leather (okuwala ekiwu) for the carpets around the throne, using a tool called nakalette. The buffalo clansmen had their special hut called Musengere in the palace so that they were always present whenever the Kabaka wanted to travel.