Oral traditionalists state that the first King of Buganda, King Kintu arrived on the main land from Ssese with some individuals who later went on to become clan leaders. Baganda traditionalists revere the Islands as the islands of the gods and pre-colonial Buganda had many a King frequently visit the islands to pay homage to several spirits to enable them to govern the Kingdom. It is because of this relationship that several historians state that the islands were never conquered by Buganda but formally incorporated into the mainland Kingdom. The title for the county chief is Kweba.

Commonly known as Kalangala, the county is an archipelago consisting of 84 islands, 20 remain uninhabited. Buggala Island is the biggest of them all and the most popular destination for tourists because of it’s beautiful beaches, forests and clean environment. The islands can be accessed from Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe using the MV Kalangala to Bugala islands. The alternative route is using Kampala-Masaka Road up to Nyendo and then driving 36 kilometers to Luku landing site where you can board a ferry to the islands.