The county headquarters are situated at Butoolo Village in Mumyuka, Kammengo Sub County. Mpigi District the Central Government is the same as Mawokota County.

Kayima is the title given to the county chief. It is believed that during the reign of King Kyabaggu there was a war between the princes of the time and one of them ran away and when he reached Kiling’ente, he sat
on the rock and said ‘wokota wokota’ in jubilation hence Mawokota. It is also believed  that on this journey, no food other than the plantain plant (gonja) was carried, hence the saying that “ewaffe e mawokota gonja ayengera” meaning that plantain ripens in Mawokota. Since that time plantain has been grown in Mawokota and located at the county headquarters is a ceremonial plantain plantation to symbolise this.

It is also believed that the art of bark cloth making started in this county. Mawokota has three drums which is an exception to all the other counties and these are played monthly. The drums include “Mawokota ganjokya”, “Empokota” and “Mawokota aseyeya”. These are played by the Kayima at the beginning of every month.