Mawogola is located over 170kms from Kampala. It is bordered by Buwekula to the north, Gomba to the East, and Kabula to the south. Mawogola has 35 parishes and a population of 350,000 people. Majority of the population (80%) are farmers engaged in both small scale and commercial farming. This makes agriculture the mainstay of the district economy involving both crop and animal husbandry. Due to the relatively dry climate, cattle ranching for beef and dairy farming are the most important economic activities in the district. Fish farming is being implemented increasingly in the county as well.

The county is trying to position itself as a tourism hub, building on the various tourism attractions. Notable among its attractions is Bigobyamugenyi other attractions include the ancient military bases Buganda Kings (Kayima, Nakibinge and Ssemakookiro) established that helped in regaining Mawogola from Bunyoro Kingdom. The county chief’s title is Muteesa. 

The county is putting up a museum that will display a collection of cultural and historicalmaterials for all the ethnic groups represented in the county.