Kyaggwe County was divided into three sections based on the people who lived in the county. First were the Bagola and Bakunja of the lakeshores who are closely related to the Abavuma in language and manners. These people were noted for their skill in the manufacture of musical instruments, and they originated the two royal drums known as “Entamiivu” and “Entenga”. They were brave warriors, and skilled in the use of the spear. For a long time, the people recognised neither the county chief nor the King himself. The second section of Kyaggwe was the Bukoba portion which was inhabited by intelligent people who resembled the people of Bulemeezi in language and skill. Cattle, goats, sheep and ivory were the chief wealth of the people and the soil was fertile and yielded a very good banana crop. An annual tax paid was paid to a county chief by some of the Basoga over whom he had control. The third part was known as Mabira or “forest.” The forest was infested by millions of tiny blood-sucking insects, which injured the veins so that the foresters were called dwarfs because of their small size. Strange stories were told about them such as that they do not marry and can not have children.

Kyaggwe County was regarded as the richest, most fertile and most prosperous in the Kingdom of Buganda, with coffee plantations, fishing and hunting. The chief, the Ssekiboobo (Emboobo is the hairy rear part of the cow’s tail thus the name Ssekiboobo, that protects the cow from any intruding insects and acts as a fan to regulate temperature), whose county seat is at Mukono, had oversight of Busoga; and whenever the Basoga came to Buganda, the people of the district benefited from their visits. Most of the chiefs of the district had huntsmen, who captured elephants and paid their masters in ivory for the privilege of being
allowed to hunt in their estates. Again, the Banyoro and the Bakedi, when not actively hostile, were ready to barter goods along the frontiers, and thus added to the wealth of the county. The tittle given to the county chief of Kyaggwe is Ssekiboobo with his county seat at Muggulu - Mukono.