Butambala borders Busujju, Gomba and Mawokota counties. The chief is called Katambala with the current one being Twaha Lwanyaga Kibalizi. He is the 9th chief since the restoration of the Kingdom in 1993. Butambala is predominantly a Muslim county ever since the religious wars of the 1940s. Since time immemorial Butambala has been the home of Buganda’s ironsmiths and used to make weapons for the Kingdom. Because of this role, the people of Butambala were referred to as Batwambalamangu. With the coming of the Islamic faith, the dressing style changed and with it came the request from Muslims to retain their head coverings when addressing the King. Hence the saying “e Butambala teva muto”. The county headquarters were built in 1949. Economically people of Butambala have been traders and farmers. Ginger farming, miraa growing and coffee farming are among the predominant activities. The county houses the exile home (Hajji Lubega’s residence in Ngando) where Kabaka Muteesa II hid before going into exile during the crisis of 1966.