Bugerere was a Bunyoro territory, occupied by Namuyonjo and Mulondo. It was added to Buganda by the British government on 25th October 1895. When Semei Kakungulu (Omubiito we Kooki) resigned as Kimbugwe when Mwanga II was King, he went and made his home in Bugerere until 1899 when he left for Bukedi. In 1900, Kabaka Daudi Ccwa made Bugerere a county. Matayo Nsubuga was then appointed chief; Temuseo Kivebulaya Mulondo of the Mpindi clan, formerly Sabawali of Sekiboobo, became assistant Mugerere. Serwano Mazinga of the Kasimba clan succeeded him in 1905. The county chief is called Mugerere and the headquarters are found at Ntenjeru.