Buddu County was won from the Kingdom of Bunyoro during the reign of the late King Jjunju. It used to be a favoured destination for those who were fleeing from wars and famine in the neighbouring regions of Ankole, Rwanda, Kooki and Tooro. Buddu was known as “Ebuddukiro” earning its current name Buddu. It is one of the most cosmopolitan counties in Buganda and is home to many ethnic groups and nationalities including Rwandans, Burundians, Tanzanians, Banyoro and Banyankole among others.

The head of the county is given the title of “Pookino” which has its origin from the Runyoro dialect and refers to a big ruler in charge of a large area. With twenty nine sub-counties, Buddu remains the second biggest county in Buganda after Ssingo and is composed of four districts including Kalungu, Masaka Lwengo, Bukomansimbi and a huge chunk of Rakai.

Buddu is a county of great significance to Buganda Kingdom given that it was the site for several shrines that the late Kings would consult before going to war. A number of the late Kings have their maternal ancestors originating in Buddu. Examples include the late King Mwanga’s wife Maasombiira, who was from Kyanamukaaka, and was the mother to late King Ccwa, and the late King Muteesa II’s mother Drucilla Namaganda came from Lusakalwammese. Buddu is also home to several palaces for the King including a palace in Nkoni, Lukunyu and Nangoma.

Over the years, Buddu has produced several prominent individuals including the first female doctor in Uganda, Dr. Nambooze. The people of Buddu County are generally farmers practicing both agriculture and animal and poultry rearing.