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About BHTB


Buganda Kingdom is one of the oldest and most organized kingdoms in the intercastrine region of Africa. The word ‘Buganda’ is believed to have come from the meaning of putting together a number of sticks to form a bundle – Obuganda, to signify the strength of unity as it is more difficult to break a bundle of sticks than a single stick. Buganda is a constitutional monarchy in present day Uganda and the Kingdom is united around a hereditary king – the Kabaka and is unified by a strong solid culture and a rich history that dates way back to the 10th Century.

In a bid to preserve the rich Buganda cultural heritage and realize Buganda’s tourism potential, Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board (BHTB) was legally incorporated and formally inaugurated by the Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom on the 21st March 2014. The mandate of the 9-team member Board as highlighted by the Katikkiro inaugural speech and stated in its terms of reference is to; “protect, preserve and promote Buganda’s cultural heritage, enacting policies on key heritage sites such as royal tombs in Buganda and ensuring that the custodians of such heritage sites are facilitated to ensure effective preservation and management”. The Katikkiro also tasked the BHTB to ensure a proper and updated record of all cultural heritage sites of Buganda, develop and market the tourism industry that promotes cultural heritage; at local, national and international levels.